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NARCO’S Season 4… I’m wayyy tooo invested

Narcos is coming back... And I’m way too invested

Narcos is hands down one of the most successful Netflix Series yet!  They have been working on their fourth season, and I’m in too deep. (If they stick to tradition, season four should be out in September)

Ever since Narcos came into my life, I have strangely started to cheer for the “bad” guys… Pablo Escobar? (Now I know this sounds bad) Wish he was still running an empire. I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking! You watch the first couple seasons of Narcos, and tell me you don’t say “The DEA is a bunch of dog shit! Just let Pablo move some kilos!”


So Pablo Escobar dies… Get over it, I didn’t ruin anything for you, it’s based on a true story dumb ass. Season four though, LET ME TELL YA!! Season four is based on the Mexican  Guadalajara Cartel, and I have not been cheering any harder in my life. I’m telling you! This show starts to draw you in to the point where you think Patty down the street is the DEA. I don’t even do anything remotely close to the cartel, and even I start getting sweaty palms when a cop drives by. I tell my Fiancè to stay calm, and she has to have some smart ass response like “What? I am, why wouldn’t I be?”.

Narcos season 4 will be starring Michael Pena, and Diego Luna. This shit is real! I mean, the had to halt production because an actual location scout was shot dead in Mexico (BY THE ACTUAL CARTEL!!) for bringing too much attention to their turf!

Check out this Narcos season 4 teaser…


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