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BBB: LiAngelo, and LaMelo Lithuanian Debut

As most of you know, LiAngelo, and LaMelo have been the recent topic of conversation. The Ball brothers went overseas...

The Big Baller Brand family has been the story of every media outlet since big bad LaVar came into the scene! Sparking controversy all over the world, he has managed to take his family to new heights. However, today was the debut for the Ball Brothers and it was interesting…

As most of you know, LiAngelo, and LaMelo have been the recent topic of conversation. The Ball brothers went overseas, and signed with a Lithuanian team called Vytautas. This was after LiAngelo was caught shoplifting in China, which led to UCLA suspending him. That did not fly with their father (LaVar Ball) so he took the initiative to have them play overseas.

Lithuanian basketball is exactly what you picture it to be. Turnovers, air-balls, HARD bricks, and no consistency. In my eyes, this was an all-star high school game at best. LiAngelo, and LaMelo didn’t do too bad at all. LiAngelo finished the game with 21 points 5 steals, and LaMelo finished with 10 points. (To be honest, I think he finished with 21 points, I’m not sure… The announcer said he had 19, but the electronic stats on the screen said 21) Their team (Vytautus) still managed to win 90-80 against Zalgiris.


LaMelo Ball is a young star, and you could see it with how he played. His passing was (for the most part) on point, his shooting could have been better if he didn’t try shooting half-court range 3-pointers. Most of LaMelo’s points were breakaways, and free-throws.

LiAngelo Ball had a decent game as well. Scoring 19 or 21 points is not a bad start to a season. Then again, we have to remember the level of competition. The announcer kept making excuses for the terrible display on both teams by saying “You have to remember, some of the oldest players on the other team are 17”. LiAngelo shot poorly outside the 3-point line, but was able to be more of a presence in the lane.


THE BEST PART ABOUT THIS ENTIRE GAME, IS THAT THIS WAS BASICALLY A BIG BALLER BRAND GAME! I actually like the Ball family, and LaVar is a genius! Here’s why. this tournament is called the BBB Challenge Games. LaVar owns this tournament!

Don’t believe me? Look at half-court.


Still don’t believe me? Look at these Big Baller Brand refs!


It’s LaVar’s world, and we’re just living in it!



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