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The Beauty Of Mexico! (No Not Cancun..)

Ahhh Cancun! The great escape for many Americans! What’s better than leaving the US, and going to an area flooded with more Americans?… (Well when I phrase it like that, does it feel like you even went on vacation at all?) Luckily for you, I’m here to showcase the unexpected beauties outside of those corporate resorts!

My inspiration behind this piece is my childhood. (I won’t get boring and tell you some sappy story) I remember we would visit family in Mexico every Summer! Reflecting back on it, I was a very lucky son of a gun. I was young, but I remember EVERYTHING. From the free roaming horses, to houses up in the mountains that you could only get to by walking over a man made bridge, that went over the river.

The location we visited the most was this small village like area called, Tepehuanes. (Pronounced: Teh-Peh-wah-ness)

The genuine people of Tepehuanes made the experience all more enjoyable. The relief of not having to worry about excessive technology, money hungry individuals, and the fact that when you talk to someone… they actually listen. (Instead of having their face stuck into their IPhone) See, the kids out there are still enjoying the outdoors, not enjoying YouTube videos of how many hotdogs a 45 year old man in Arkansas can eat in under a minute.

That’s right people! Outside of our anti-social walls, people actually communicate and experience the world! Why stress about Gina not Instagramming what she had for brunch, when you have views like this?

That’s not all! Want to go to the hangout spot? They have a plaza where the locals meet up to socialize, have delicious Mexican food, listen to the Mariachi Bands, and simply enjoy life!

With all that said, check out the pictures below showcasing the natural beauty of Tepehuanes, and the place my roots call home! ❤️


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