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90s Nostalgic Blast From The Past ⚡️

Remember the days when stress didn’t even exist?! Even just saying it, “The 90s”. Takes me back to the simple days of Hey Arnold!, and Rugrats. I’m talking about the days where cellphones weren’t a thing for kids, and the only we knew where our friends were was by seeing which front lawn had the most bikes on it! Here are my top ten 90s Nostalgic Blasts From The Past!

1. Fruit Stripe Gum. There was no such thing as only having one piece!

2.90s kid’s designated logo ⚡️

3.When math was simple…

4.Hit Clips! Better than an IPod for exactly one minute

5.The toy with no purpose… And we loved it!

6.Blockbuster and chill?

7.Sonic, the greatest game of ALLLLLLL TIME!

8.Baby Bottle Pops! AKA Kids Crack

9.The Caboodle!

10. LAST, BUT NOT LEAST! Match up of the decade!


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